Family Nest
Original title: Családi tűzfészek
Andy said on 2017-05-12:
Life is so hard... when you can't get alone in '70s Hungary. Bela Tarr combines R. Fassbinder's cinematic arrogance with sober compassion to create a long,.sad meditation on modern industrial poverty.

Director: Béla Tarr, Ferenc Pap Writer: Béla Tarr
Run time: 108 minutes Release date: 1979-01-25
Floor location: Foreign Format: DVD
Production Countries: Hungary
Spoken Languages: Magyar
Családi tüzfészek (aka Family Nest) is an intimate portrayal of a family slowly disintegrating under various pressures in late 1970s communist Hungary. The plot of the film is deceptively simple, with the occasional momentous event--including one that's relatively shocking, but plot in a conventional sense is not the focus here.