Donald Glover: Weirdo
Nick P said on 2018-06-02:
Gucci did it first

Director: Shannon Hartman Writer: Donald Glover
Run time: 60 minutes Release date: 2011-11-19
Floor location: Comedy Format: DVD
Production Countries: United States of America
Spoken Languages: English
Donald Glover dispenses excess hysterics in his new one-hour World Premiere Stand-Up Special. Filmed at the Union Square Theatre in New York City, Glover shares his unique childhood tales about his unrequited love for Cocoa Puffs, his burning desire to voyage to Toys"R"Us and the ins and outs of the N word. Glover utilizes his unique brand of comedic storytelling and a keen youthful narrative to churn out an uncanny amount of guffaws in his first-ever Comedy Central one-hour special.