The Ipcress File
Andy said on 2017-06-11:
If you can stomach young Micheal Caine's revolting ego, this movie's worth watching. It looks cool! It's about brainwashing! And beuracracy!

Director: Sidney J. Furie, Otto Heller Writer: Len Deighton, W.H. Canaway, James Doran
Run time: 109 minutes Release date: 1965-03-18
Floor location: Mystery/Suspense Format: DVD
Production Countries: United Kingdom
Spoken Languages: shqip, English
This espionage thriller represents a landmark in spy movies introducing the sly, dry intelligence agent Harry Palmer. The story, centers on Palmer's investigation into British Intelligence security. He's soon enmeshed in a world of double-dealing, kidnap and murder and finds a traitor is operating at the heart of the secret service. Will the mysterious 'Ipcress File' reveal who the traitor is?