December 07, 2019

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December 01, 2019

New Location

We are officially closed at our old location, please go to our new location ay 459 W Gilman St.

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August 26, 2019 - Four Star Video Cooperative tries to hang on in a world of streaming

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July 31, 2019

We are trying to raise some funds to relocate!

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April 30, 2019 - The Future Of Four Star

As you may or may not have seen, toward the end of April we made the tough decision to curtail our hours to noon to 8pm, as well as be closed one day of the week for the first time in our 34 years of operation. This was our baby step before announcing that the current staff intends to collectively move forward into the next chapters of our lives. As to the fate of our collection of 25,000 DVDs and Blu Rays, we are looking to the Madison community to find the next person or group of people to tend to the store. We envision this playing out in one of several ways. If an individual wants to buy the entire stock of the store outright, we will consider any reasonable offers. Another scenario would involve a new group of volunteers forming and gaining non-profit status. We would of course train in this group and still be around to shepherd in this new era of keeping our collection available to the public. We are preparing ourselves for other contingencies, but we believe passing the torch would be a good final step in fulfilling the promise we made to Madison and our customers five years ago when we bought the store through our fundraising campaign.

We would like to emphasize that we will continue to operate as normal in the coming months and give anyone who wants to step forward the time to do so. We will have an email sign-up instore for those who are interested in attending a meeting to coordinate with others to take over the store.

Thank you for supporting us over the years,

Four Star Video Coop

449 State St, Suite D

Madison, WI 53703


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Open 365 Days A Year
11am to 11pm

449 State Street, Madison WI

Coming Attractions

November 12

The Angry Birds Movie 2
The Farewell
Good Boys
The Mountain
The Peanut Butter Falcon
Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

November 5

Good Omens
Hobbs & Shaw (DVD & Blu Ray)
The Kitchen
Salem’s Lot
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

October 29

Jay Myself
Matewan (Criterion)
Mike Wallace Is Here
The Souvenir
Them That Follow

October 22

David Crosby: Remember My Name
The Lion King (‘19 DVD & Blu Ray)
The Prodigy
Satanic Panic
Tone Deaf
A Vigilante
When We Were Kings (Criterion)

October 10

3 From Hell
The Art Of Self-Defense
The Films of Sarah Jacobson (DVD & Blu Ray)

October 8

Annabelle Comes Home
Deadwood: The Movie
Little Woods
Midsommar (DVD & Blu Ray)
Toy Story 4 (DVD & Blu Ray)
Whisper Of The Heart (Blu Ray)

Staff Picks

Andy says:
Friendship, like fundamentalist Christianity, is difficult.

Hanna says:
ok so this pick is actually for Edward Penishands but porn titles don't display in our online catalog so this is the next best thing, Edward Penishands won't make sense without having seen this first anyways.

Helen says:
Billy Joel related fatalities have slowly declined since 1987, but there are still a few every year.

Lewis says:
Julianne Moore is great and all, but you really need to see the original.

Nick P says:
did you know that caramel can get stale? even INSIDE a cadbury egg?

Sarah says: