April 12, 2016 - Wisconsin Film Fest Broadcast

Be sure to tune in to WORT FM this Friday, April 15th at 1pm for our annual Wisconsin Film Festival Mel And Floyd broadcast. This year we will have the directors of Medal of Victory, Frank and the Wondercat, Lonely Baloney and Tilt-A-Whirls, Cowboys and Beer, as well as an appearance by festival coordinator Ben Reiser and some of your favorite folks from Four Star.

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January 15, 2016 - Podcast Episode 21 (Missed Madison Episode 5)

Our final Missed Madison Film Festival podcast episode is up. We discuss Frabrice Du Welz’s Alleluia. Be sure to head to to see all the coverage from the festival and give your feedback on what you liked and what we could do better for next year.

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January 14, 2016 - Podcast Episode 20 (Missed Madison Episode 4)

Our fourth Missed Madison podcast episode is up. We discuss Paolo Virzi’s Human Capital. Be sure to head over to to check out today’s reviews, including Victoria, Kilo Two Bravo, Court, Rocks In My Pockets and Entertainment.

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January 13, 2016 - Podcast Episode 19 (Missed Madison Episode 3)

Our podcast episode for Marjane Satpaki’s The Voices is here. Be sure to head over to to see all of today’s reviews.

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January 12, 2016 - Podcast Episode 18 (Missed Madison Episode 2)

Our Second Missed Madison Episode, where we discuss Black Coal, Thin Ice is up. Be sure to head over to to see all of today’s reviews, including Blind, Buzzard, Christmas Again, The Tribe and Spring.

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10am to Midnight

449 State Street, Madison WI

Coming Attractions

May 3

The 5th Wave
All Dogs Go To Heaven
Camille (‘08)
The Club
An Enemy Of The People
Janis Joplin: Little Girl Blue

April 26

The American Dreamer (DVD & Blu Ray)
Dangerous Men (DVD & Blu Ray)
The Heartbreak Kid (‘72)
Jane Got A Gun
The Kennedy Films Of Robert Drew & Associates (Criterion)
The Last Time I Saw Paris
Mythical Detective Loki  7: Ragnorak
The Net
Phoenix (Criterion)
The Red House (DVD & Blu Ray)
Ride Along 2
River Of Grass
Son Of Saul
Tilit-A-Whirls, Cowbells And Beer

April 19

Antonia’s Line
Barcelona (Criterion)
And Then There Were None (‘15)
Grace & Frankie Season 1
Ip Man 3
The Lady In The Van
Magical Girl
Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead
Patrick’s Day
The Revenant (DVD & Blu Ray)
Sex Ed
Shadows Of Liberty
Silicon Valley Season 2
That’s Not Us
Veep Season 4
A Venue At The End Of The World

April 12

The Forest (‘16)
The Lady In The Car With Glasses And A Gun
Only Angels Have Wings (Criterion)
Sugar Kisses
This Changes Everything

April 5

Ghost In The Shell: The New Movie
The Hallow
How To Change The World
Meet The Hitlers
Mojave (‘15)
Prescription Thugs
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (DVD & Blu Ray)

March 29

Archer Season 6
Cartel Land
The Comedy
The Hateful Eight (DVD & Blu Ray)
I Smile Back
Killing Them Safely
A Poem Is A Naked Person (Criterion)
Point Break (‘15)

Staff Picks

Andy says:
If you watch this, you can laugh at a spoiled man-child as his dreams die and fall one by one around his cold heart like frost-burnt petals of a black rose.

Carlos says:
dont get cut, bitch

(Sorry, no poster available.)

Hanna says:
Fun! IDK :>) & I like it! "Weird" Anime!

Helen says:
Who portions the parson? Not me.

Lewis says:
A spot-on recreation of 70s softcore films that will make you laugh with recognition. Check out Anna Biller's new film "The Love Witch" at the Wisconsin Film Festival.

Nick C says:
Elena was always my favorite seinfeld

Nick P says:
This is a documentary about my dreams that I can't wake up from

Sarah says:
Its about 40% fact and 60% fiction but so good you won't care! Killer soundtrack too