March 30, 2017 - WORT Film Fest Broadcast

Tune in to WORT (89.9 FM) or stop by Four Star tomorrow from 1-2 PM for our annual Wisconsin Film Festival broadcast with Mel & Floyd! We will have five filmmakers who have films screening in this year’s festival discussing their work.

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January 23, 2017 - Missed Madison Day 1

Check out reviews of films that didn’t screen in Madison theaters every day from now until Friday! 

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November 11, 2016 - Birthday Party Tomorrow!

Out 31st Birthday is happening tomorrow at Lothlorien Co-op (244 W Lakelawn Pl). There will be a raffle with prizes from local businesses including Community Pharmacy, Cha Cha Beauty & Barber, Freedom Skate Shop, and more! There will also be free pizza and burgers courtesy of That BBQ Joint, birthday cake, movies and music. It starts at 4pm and goes to midnight, so stop by anytime.

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October 28, 2016 - Four Star’s Birthday Party!

You are cordially invited to Four Star’s 31st Birthday! We are having a party Friday, November 11th, from 5pm to Midnight at Loth Lorien Co-op (244 W Lakelawn PL). We are screening the classic films The Point and Happy Birthday To Me. There will also be pizza, cake, a raffle, and all your friends will be there! Check out the Facebook page for more info and we’ll see you there!

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Open 365 Days A Year
10am to Midnight

449 State Street, Madison WI

Coming Attractions

June 27

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe
The Belko Experiment
MacAdam Stories
Power Rangers (‘17 DVD & Blu Ray)
Stealing Charlie Chaplin
T2: Trainspotting 2

June 20

The Beguiled (‘71)
Glee Season 4
Life ('17 DVD & Blu Ray)
Prince: Graffiti Bridge
Railroad Tigers
South Park Season 20

June 13

Growing Up Smith
The Lego Batman Movie (DVD & Blu Ray)
John Wick Chapter 2 (DVD & Blu Ray)
The Son Of Joseph
3 Generations
The Void (‘16)

June 6

Beauty & The Beast (‘17 DVD & Blu Ray)
Camille 2000
A Cure For Wellness
Doctor Who, Season 10 Part 1
Journey To The West: The Demons Strike Back
A United Kingdom
Vampire Hunter D
The Young Pope

May 30

The Blackcoat’s Daughter
Fist Fight
Ghost World (Criterion)
One, Two, Three
Staying Vertical
Winter Kills
Wolf Guy (DVD & Blu Ray)

May 23

Brain Damage (DVD & Blu Ray)
Dheepan (Criterion)
Get Out (DVD & Blu Ray)
The Great Wall
I Am Heath Ledger
Logan (DVD & Blu Ray)
My Life As A Zucchini

Staff Picks

Andy says:
If you can stomach young Micheal Caine's revolting ego, this movie's worth watching. It looks cool! It's about brainwashing! And beuracracy!

Hanna says:
satisfy time

Helen says:
I thought I was on the do not call list

Lewis says:
for regressed adults searching for primordial nightmares

Nick P says:
I don't usually like sports movies but this one is fun.

Sarah says:
Don't listen to the critics, this movie is awesome!