July 20, 2018

Maxwell Street Days

We’re still having our sale, rain or shine! Stop by our storefront to check out our two for one items!

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April 05, 2018 - Wisconsin Film Fest on WORT

Yes, it’s time again for the annual Wisconsin Film Festival preview from Mel and Floyd, Madison’s favorite radio comedy duo. The original hosts of the show (that means sans Mr. Smartypants) will broadcast their show live from Four Star Video Cooperative, as they interview directors, producers, and cinematographers about their films in the Fest. Come down to the store and see your favorite radio comedy LIVE, or listen via radio dial at 89.9 or online at

And, be sure to listen to A Public Affair with host Esty Dinur over the noon hour to catch more Wisconsin Film Fest coverage.

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August 15, 2017 - Hours Change

The results are in! According to every possible metric (online poll response, in store poll response, customer traffic tally, and sales data) a clear preference on new store hours has emerged. Effective September 1st, we will be open 11am to 11pm. Thanks to everyone who gave their input!

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August 01, 2017 - An Important Announcement

Attention Video Angels!

               It’s the third anniversary of Four Star Video Cooperative and we have a few changes to announce.  Effective September 1st, we will be modifying our store hours and our Unlimited Subscription plan rates will be going up for the first time since the plan’s introduction almost a decade ago.  

               We are going to be shortening our hours of operation from 14 hours a day to 12, and we need your input.  We are considering two possibilities; either 10AM to 10PM, or 11AM to 11PM.  We want this change to affect our customers as minimally as possible, so please let us know your preference.  We will be collecting customer feedback until August 15th, when we announce the final decision on store hours.  

               We are increasing our Unlimited Subscription plan rates for the first time ever to account for the inevitable rise in operational costs due to inflation and (pardon the euphemism) “Industry Trends” . The three-at-a-time plan will now be $20.99, the four-at-a-time plan will be $26.99, the five-at-a-time plan will be $30.99, and we are introducing a six-at-a-time plan for only $32.99.  Monthly Damage Protection will remain $3 per month. Individual rentals will still be $4.49 with Damage Protection offered for $.25 per rental. We have deliberated on this decision and have held off making it as long as possible, but this change is necessary to remain competitive in an industry where even large chains couldn’t adapt their business model to remain solvent.

               We understand that these changes will be alarming to some customers, but they are being made with the store’s future in mind. We look forward to continuing to provide you with great movies for years to come.

In Heaven Everything Is Fine,

Four Star Video Cooperative (Helen Boldt, Andy Fox, Lewis Peterson, Nick Propheter)

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March 30, 2017 - WORT Film Fest Broadcast

Tune in to WORT (89.9 FM) or stop by Four Star tomorrow from 1-2 PM for our annual Wisconsin Film Festival broadcast with Mel & Floyd! We will have five filmmakers who have films screening in this year’s festival discussing their work.

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Open 365 Days A Year
11am to 11pm

449 State Street, Madison WI

Coming Attractions

December 11

Await Further Instructions
A Dry White Season (Criterion)
The Equalizer 2
I Still See You
Top Of The Lake: China Girl
The Wild Boys

December 4

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2
The Happytime Murders
The Little Stranger
Mission Impossible: Fallout (DVD & Blu Ray)
The Nun
Operation Finale
Support The Girls
Westworld Season 2

November 27

The Blue Dahlia (Blu Ray only)
Come Drink With Me
Heroes Of The East
Last Hurrah For Chivalry
Robot Chicken Season 7
Sharp Objects Season 1

November 20

Crazy Rich Asians
Fireworks, Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom?
A Peck On The Cheek
Pets (DVD & Blu Ray)
Skate Kitchen
True Stories (Criterion)
We The Animals

Coming To Four Star on 11/13


Juliet, Naked

Last House On A Dead End Street

The Meg

Mile 22

Pretty Poison

Puzzle (‘18)

A Star Is Born ('76)

Star Trek: Discovery Season 1

The Third Murder

November 6

Christopher Robin
The Daily Show: Indecision 2004
The Incredibles 2 (DVD & Blu Ray)
Maggie’s Plan
The New World Horror
Papillon (‘18)
A Story From Chikamatsu (Criterion)
The Zen Of Screaming

Staff Picks

Andy says:
John Sayles can turn any premise into a really good movie.

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swollof tI

Helen says:
u can touch, u can play, u can say I'm always yours

Lewis says:
An instructional manual on how to fight, dance and get 'the glow'.

Nick P says:
have u ever seen a ghost baby>?

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